GREEN FUTURE Welcome to Osman Interlinings Ltd, the LEED Gold certified and world’s first green interlining factory FASTEST DELIVERY Our huge stock of fabric maintained at all times enable us to reach goods to customers in a few days PEOPLE: OUR BEST RESOURCE 30 years of constant learning have enabled us to have the best experts in the country, working for us WORLD OF EXCELLENCE We create world class interlinings through constant improvement of our production and quality control processes over the years
First green interlining factory
in the World
Organic & recycled products, first time in Bangladesh
One of the largest stock
in South Asia
Largest marketing team
with 50 people 

Why choose us

The key to our success over the past 3 decades can be broadly mentioned below:

All the responsibilities are ours

From the initial sample requirements, to the delivery, we take care of everything.

Nominated by major buyers

Some of the biggest retailers in the world have placed their trust in us.


A state-of-the-art lab where we can provide the tests in the shortest period of time.

30 years experience

None of our competitors can match our experience, stock amount, and service levels that we have gathered since the early 1990s.


Woven Interlining

100% Cotton
TC Interlining
Non Fusible Interlining

Non woven Interlining

Thermal Bond
Chemical Bond
Spun Bond
Stitch Bond
Thermo Adhesive
Shoe Interlining

Knit Interlining

Warp Knit
Circular Knit
Flat Knit

Below is a report on our factory done by:

Simi Hoque, Shideh Shams Amiri
Dept. of Civil, Architectural, & Environmental Engineering, Drexel University
in the USA.